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Kalomoira Sarantis : not a singer anymore...

By Krikor K.

For about a month Kalomoira is in USA with her family and as rumors say she is going to quit the singer carreer, something which her dad wanted for a long time now. Her parents asked her to stop working as a singer because they think that people in Greece are not taking Kalomoira as a serious artists and that sometimes they are exploiting her. The Greeks by the way adore Kalomoira and all these rumors about exploitation are not true. Kalomoira a month ago suddenly leaved Greece without saying it to anyone in Greece. Sometime she had told that she wanted to visit her parents back in America and also that her sister was pregnant and she wanted to stand by her side but no rumors about leaving the singer carreer have been told.
"Krik!Music Corner" wishes to Kalomoira to be ok with everything and at least to stay happy no matter where she is. Kalomoira darling we love you all.... Good Luck to each step of you....

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