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Interview : Ani Lorak in OK Magazine!

By Krikor K.

During her staying in Athens (Greece), Ani Lorak gave a very interesting interview to the journalist Gianni Poulopoulo for the "Ok" magazine, one of the best music magazines of Greece.
Take a look what she said :

Ok = People say that the 2nd place at the Eurovision Song Contest is the worst thing can happen to an artist. How do you feel about it?

Ani Lorak = Well, for sure the most satisfied person from a contest would be the winner. But beside that I can't say i'm not happy or satisfied somehow. I won a very good place and I received only positive comments about my entry.

Ok = Kalomira ended 3rd but after the contest she bursted into tears because of the resutls. What about you?

A.L. = I can completely understand her as we all knew that Greece was so ready for a victory. In the 1st SemiFinal she came first and also she was on top3 from the very first moments of the gradatior during the final. For me the opposite was happening : Ukraine started with very low positions and gradualy went to top 5! So, i started as sad and then I turned to happy!!

Ok = So far Ukraine has won already twice the second place. Which was the Ukrainians' reactions when you got back to the country?

A.L.= Well, they were all happy and proud of me and also i was so moved when the president of the country named me as the National Singer, a kind of serious title for an artist. I was so happy.

Ok = During the rehearsals there were some problems with the choreography and the stage. Did those problems influenced you in a bad way?

A.L. = Well, problems will always exist everywhere! We solved them so there was no sense of being anxious.

Ok = Have you seen your stage performance on the dvd after the contest?

A.L. = Yes, i saw it and i can say i am very satisfied!

Ok = Which was your biggest fear on stage during that 3 minutes?

A.L. = I had no fear that 3 minutes because i was really concetrated on what I was doing and I am happy because all the 3 months long work went totally Ok.

Ok= So Ani, what is going on with you and Kostas Martakis? Rumors say you can maybe be a couple...
A.L. = Of course not! We are such good friends with Kostas and I wish him all the best of luck. He's really famous in Ukraine like Helena Paparizou, Despina Vandi, Sakis Rouvas... Well, i couldn't be with him becaue 3 years so far I'm in love with a very nice guy!

Ok= Many people said that your dress was more than just sexy! What did your boyfriend said about it?

A.L. = This dress was designed by Roberto Cavalli just for me and when we chosed it my boyfriend was there and as he said he likes it a lot!

Ok = Which was the best moment for you during the contest?

A.L. = The best moment for me was when the president of Ukraine called me on the phone to say that all the Ukrainians are so proud of me and they are really happy with the resutls!

Ok = Did you congratulate Dima Bilan for his victory?

A.L. = Of course I did. Well, I was in Russia these days for some work and I had the chance to meet him and we talked about our experiences from the contest.

Ok = Dima Bilan came 2nd on Eurovision 2006 and first now! Would you represent Ukraine again after some years?

A.L. = No, I wouldn't do because I'm not one of the persons who do the same thing twice or more. But...who knows? You can never be sure!!

Ok = What are your plans for now?

A.L. = I'm gonna spend much time in Greece for the recordings of my first international album for which i work with Dimitris Kondopoulos, who also did the production of Shady Lady.

Ok = Ok Ani, thank you so much for this interview and the very best of luck for you

A.L. = Thank you too.

Interview : Giannis Poulopoulos for the OK magazine
Photos : Giorgos Kalfamanolis

sources : www.anilorak.com
Ok Magazine

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