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Thalía's new album!

By Krikor K.
After her 2005 album "El sixto sentido" and the birth of her daughter Sabrina Sakaë, Thalia is back to discography with a brand new album. The title is "Lunada" and was officially released in North America on June 24 2008 through EMI Music. The album is produced once again by Emilio Estefan. The songs are in tropical rhythms, reggae style and ballads. There is a song written by Thalía named "Bendita" dedicated to her daughter! There is also a spanish cover of the huge italian hit of Ricchi e Poveri "Sará perché ti amo" (spanish title = Será porque te amo). As the singer says the song "Sangre Caliente" describes the whole style of the album. The first single from the tenth album of Thalía is "Ten paciencia" and as it seems the second one will be "Será porque te amo". Unfortunatelly for her worldwide fans, the single is going to be released only in Latin America.

Here's the full tracklist of the album "Lunada"...

01. Ten paciencia

(Decemer Bueno, Decemer Bueno, Magilee Alvarez, Cynthia Salazar)

02. Sangre Caliente

(Marcelo Delgado, Darío Húngaro)
03. Será porque te amo

(Dario Farina, Daniele Pace, Luis Gómez Escolar, Enz
o Ghinazzi)
04. Con este amore

(Ximena Muñoz, Max Di Carlo)
05. Bendita


06. Desolvidándote

(Thalia, Jodi Mar, Dave Thompson)
07. Isla Para Dos (
(Nano Cabrera)
08. Insensible
(Juan Gabriel)

09. Aventurero (Feat. NUBAWN)

(Claudia Brant, Jean-Yves Ducarnet)

10. Yo No Sé Vivir

(Decemer Bueno, Magilee Alvarez, Cynthia Salazar)
11. Sólo Se Vive Una Vez
(Thalia, Drop Dead Beats)

12. Ten paciencia [Pop Version]
(Decemer Bueno, Decemer Buen
o, Magilee Alvarez, Cynthia Salazar)

You can download the album

The cover of the album

The cover of the 1st single "Ten paciencia"

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