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Jelena Tomasevic : Debut album!

By Krikor K.

May 3 2008 : Jelena while talking to "Krik! Music Corner" promises to release her album right after the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

October 26 2008 : Jelena keeps her promise and here she is!!!

Jelena Tomasevic's album is here entitled "Panta rei" including 11 tracks! Between them "Oro" and "Jutro" two very famous serbian songs :

. "Jutro" ended 2nd at the Serbian National Final for the Eurovision 2005.
."Oro" placed 6th at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 representing Serbia

The full track list of "Panta rei" is here :
01. Panta rei

02. Kosava

03. Okeani

04. Ako opet odlazis

05. Med i zaoko

06. Oro

07. Ne dam na tebe

08. Nema koga

09. Zovi me danima
10. Jutro

11. Nocas dodji mi

The cover of "Panta rei"

Download the album HERE
If you want to remember the interview Jelena gave to "Krik! Music Corner" click HERE


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  1. shyssa October 30, 2008 at 7:57 AM
    Hi I am here to tell you that I always accompany his/her blog and I also added his/her blog in mine paginates, therefore it is want that he/she knows that you have everything to do success in this blog or site that you do or he/she has.

    Congratulations and a lot of happiness....
  2. Krikor October 30, 2008 at 2:23 PM
    I'm happy to read your kinds words it makes me feel happy and proud!

    I'll try to do my very best for every single article!

    Thanx Shyssa!

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