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Anna Vissi's new album....

By Krikor K.

The Cypriot/Greek singer is back again after facing some problems...

She is back with a new album. Her last discography was back in 2005 with the album "Nylon" and then the single "Everything" on 2006 with which she represented Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006...

Now Anna is back with the album "Apagorevmeno" including 10 brand new tracks. Between them the songs "Kontra" which is cover of the Dan Wilson's "Breathless" and "An s'eroteftho" cover of Aguilera's "That's what love can do"...

There is also one more great cover of Luz Casal's "Un año de amor" which was used for Pedro Almodóvar's movie "Tacones lejanos:

Here is the full tracklist of the album.

1. To parelthon mou
Music : Yiannis Kifonidis / Lyrics : George Mitsigas

2. Kontra (Breathless)
Greek lyrics : Mirto Kontova
3. Apo makria ke agapimeni
Music : Anna Vissi / Lyrics : Mirto Kontova

4. Risko
Music : Yiannis Christodoulopoulos / Lyrics : Eleana Vrachali

5. An s'eroteftho (That's what love can do)
Greek Lyrics : Elena Vrachali

6. Metalo (Un año de amor)
Greek Lyrics : Mirto Kontova

7. Apagorevmeno
Music : Patrick Leonard / Lyrics : Eleana Vrachali

8. Anakochi
Music : Patrick Leonard / Lyrics : Mirto Kontova

9. Alitisa Psichi
Music : Yiannis Kifonidis / Lyrics : Valia Kalaitzi

10. Kane kati
Music : Yiannis Kifonidis / Lyrics : Eleana Vrachali

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  1. GZ November 29, 2008 at 12:31 PM
    I think her new songs will be perfect! And I don't think the new songs will be only ten...she said about 13 or 14


    (look my profile)

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