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Happy Birthday Britney Spears!!!

By Krikor K.

Princess of pop - almost a real queen of it- Britney Spears has turned one more page in her life by becoming 27 years old! Two years of "bad" life are gone with her totally great comeback both as a Britney and a Spears.
Talking about her personal life, Britney better than any other time in her life is enjoying every single moment with her two wonderful sons and she's happy for being healthy and for smiling again.
On the other side, Spears is happy to hold her personal 7th studio album under the name "Circus" in her own hands. "Cirus" is everything", as she explains. "Circus is magic, is lights, if fire, is animals, is madness and every child can watch it in a different way. My sons call me sometimes a superhero while watching me do all this staff. I feel proud of what I've done so far in my life. No regrets not anything. I'm here thanking my family, my friends, my "studio-family" and especially my fans. I hope you like my new album "Circus" 'cause we all have worked hard for it..." says the princess of pop!

This morning Britney was invited in the "Good morning America" show in order to celebrate her 27th birthday. Friends from links sent their wishes to Britney who also blowed the candles of an amazing cake!

"Krik! Music Corner" is also wishing a wonderful happy birthday and of course all the best to the queen of pop Britney Spears!!!!!!


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