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Sirusho - Erotas

By Krikor K.

On September 8 2008, "Krik! Music Corner" told you about Sirusho's greek song (you can read the article here).

Now the video of the song is ready and it's already hit in Greece! The "Qele-Qele" girl from Armenia is really famous and so beloved in Greece and that's why she made a song in Greek. The final title of the song is "Erotas" which means "Love" in greek and the lyrics are by Natalia Germanou. It's still unknown if the song will be featured in an album by the armenian singer but you can enjoy the video of the song below...

Stay tuned for more information...


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  1. Anonymous April 12, 2009 at 6:46 PM
    Sirusho is very much loved by all Armenians. Her voice is lovely, she is gifted by an amazing voice and let God open all the doors for her. Let it be flowers and crowd of funs everywhere you go my dear Sirusho. I love you very much. Erotas! de

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