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By Krikor K.

Just like every Friday, today is also the time for another proposal by the "Krik! Music Corner"...

A very popular singer from Turkey (born in Belgium), Hadise, is representing this year her native country at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Dum tek tek". The song is already a hit around Europe and not only and the singer managed to become even more famous... Turkey is also one of the favourite countries to win the contest this year...

Hadise today released her new international album "Fast Life" which contains 10 brand new songs, all in english, including her Eurovision entry "Dum Tek Tek". Already a hit, song "Supernatural Love" is probably the summer's hit in Turkey! The whole album is on r'n'b and american style, totally different from the singer's two previews albums which were mostly baised on the ethnic style...

The tracklisting of "Fast Life" :
  1. Düm Tek Tek
  2. Fast Life
  3. Supernatural Love
  4. Long Distance Relationships
  5. Hero
  6. Married Men
  7. I'll Try Not To Cry
  8. Obsession
  9. Double Life
  10. First Steps
  11. On Top
Bonus track :
12. Düm Tek Tek (Remix)


Enjoy "Supernatural love" below :


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