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Eurovision 2009 Corner : part 1

By Krikor K.

Today is the first day of the rehearsals for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. All the particinapating countries on the 1st Semi Final will do their rehearsal today and "Krik! Music Corner" will keep you informed...
Generally the rehearsals are going well and there are no serious sound problems. Everything seem to be under control...

Fans admit that the Russians have done a great job and the stage is so fantastic that covers in a good way
almost all the songs - and especially the boring ones!!

::..The Rehearsals for the 1st Semi Final..::

01. Montenegro

Song : Just get out of my mind
Artist : Andrea Demirovic
Andrea Demirovic is on stage with one dancer and three singers as backing vocalists who do not app
ear on stage though they stand behind of it. The dancer is trying to catch the Montenegrian singer who is escaping all the time! The stage is all blue and pink and Andrea is wearing a brown evening gown with all her back being visible! As the singer says there were some sound problems but she hopes that everything will fix until her second rehearsal...

02. Czech Republic

Song : Ave romale
Artist : Gipsy.cz

Gipsy.cz are having a great time on stage while performing their song "Ave romale" which is the county's 3rd entry so far. The lead singer of the band is dressed up as a new "Superman" and around him are the rest 5 members of the band... Two of them are playing violin, two others guitar and the last is playing drum kit. The stage is colourful with cartoons on the LED screens around the stage which give a great feeling to everyone off the stage...

03. Belgium
Song : Copycat
Artist : Patrick Ouchene
And this proves how hard Russians are working, as they turned the totally indifferent entry of Belgium to a nice entry!! Patrick Ouchene is on stage performing "Copycat" dressed up as Elvis Prisley, which is also his basic style (he is famous as the El
vis of Belgium!). Two women are his backing vocals and on stage there are also one guitar player and a violoncello player. The stage is full of red, silver and gold colours which give the feeling of being in Las Vegas, something which suits perfectlly on the song's style... At the end, the song's title (Copycat) appeared on the floor of the stage!!

04. Belarus
Song : Eyes that never lie
Artist : Petr Elfimov
reat entry from Belarus! Singer Petr Elfimov should be really satisfied as his rehearsal was with no problems in general. Sound checking was good as his stage performance was too! On stage with the singer there is his guitar player which wears a t-shirt with the name of the singer on it and also a female dancer who is covered by a white piece of fabric which seems to trap her inside! The dancer, during the song, is trying to escape, something which she finally does at the end of the song! Petr is wearing a black t-shirt and a black leathered pair of pants! The stage is full of green and white flames... Fans say that it may pass to the final... but still is to soon to know for sure...

05. Sweden

Song : La voix
Artist : Malena Ernman
Malena Ernman is on stage wearing a white evening gown and around her 5 female singers, all dressed in black. The backround on stage is green at the beginning, it is turning to white during the refrain of the song and it ends in blue! Dancers are using t
he same masks which were used in the live performance of "La voix" back in Sweden's Melodifestivalen... The masks are placed in some special seats which seem like pieces of ice on stage... As far as the vocal part, Malena and her backing singers are totally great...

06. Armenia
Song : Nor bar
Artist : Inga & Anush Arshakian
It's time for Armenia to rehearsal. Inga & Anush are on stage with 4 female dancers who are all together standing in a blue platform. After the first refrain the two sisters are stan
ding alone on the platform but they do not dance that much, thought they sing in a perfect way! During the end of the song, the dancers are wearing special gloves which project greek laser lights! The backround is colourful with many shapes... People say that they may be changes at the next rehearsal...

07. Andorra
Song : La teva decisi
Artist : Susanne Georgi
Not bad performance at all for Andorra. The singer is ok as far as the vocal part but the stage performance is so poor just like the song. On stage there are four female dancers who are also backing vocals. The stage's colour is basicly blue and red...Both singer and dancers are holding guitars on which there is lighted "07" which is the number of the performance for Andorra (7th in the row)... Nice trick to remind the views what to vote!!! The choreography is very poor and needs hard work if the country wants really to pass to the Final!!!

08. Switzerland
Song : The highest heights

Artist : The Lovebugs
Very powerful performance by the band Lovebugs who are representing Switzerland. The band's members seem to be really cool on stage as they also invited the people off stage to clap the hands during the song...something which shows how they enjoyed the performance without being anxious for the result! The LED screens in the backround of the stage show skyscrapers during night and day, the snow which caps the Swiss Alps and end to the space... People believe Switzerland is able to pass to the final...

09. Turkey
Song : Dum tek tek
Artist : Hadise
Similar to many Turkish live performances, Hadise is trying to sing and dance well at the same time but as it seems she is not that good! Sound and vocal problems are obvious though her backing vocalists are doing a great job. The backround is full of red hearts, discoballs and buterflies and Hadise is on stage with five dancers who are also backing singers. All the team is wearing simple clothes not showing what they gonna wear during the Semi Final's night...At the beginning and at the end of the song there are fireworks on the stage...

Turkey is the last country to rehearsal today, May 3rd 2009...Stay tuned for more information.... Eurovision 2009 Corner : part 2 is coming soon....

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