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Eurovision 2009 Corner : Part 2

By Krikor K.

It's Monday May 4th 2009 and it's the day for the 2nd rehearsals in the row for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009!
Today, the rest 9 countries of the 1st Semi Final will rehearse. Yesterday the last country to rehearse was Turkey which is the number 09 to perform at the 1st Semi Final's night, so today the rehearsals begin with Israel which will perform 10th in the row at the night of the 12th May 2009...

10. Israel

Song : There must be another day
Artist : Noa & Mira Awad
Both singers are dressed in black gowns and are framed by three musicians. They both sing good. There were some tiny mistakes during the movements which made them laugh and not be anxious!! Everything can be fixed. The stage is very good looking as it's covered in blue but in the end it turns to red. The music seems to be a bit changed as well...

11. Bulgaria
Song : Illusion
Artist : Krassimir Avramov
Krassimir is on stage wearing black trousers, white shirt and a black tie. With him on stage there are three female dancers (
Petya Buyuklieva, Ani Lozanova and Albena Veskova) who also are backing vocalists and a dancing-on-stilts couple. This is the second time in the history of the contest after the French entry back in 2004 that dancers are on stilts. The stage is full of clouds and storms which end to flames! They all sound good generally but it is really hard to pass to the final...

12. Iceland
Song : Is it true?
Artist : Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir
It's one of the greatest songs for this year and Jóhanna seems to be really cool on stage no matter she is not moving. Great voice without any single technical problem, Iceland should be proud for its rehearsal! On stage, the singer is joined by a cello player, a guitar player and three singers as backing vocalists. It is worth to mention that one of the backing singers is Fredrick who last year represented the country as a member of Euroband singing "This is my life"! The stage is magical as it is covered by clouds, falling stars and a full moon which give the impression of flying above the sky... Suddenly a dolphin is coming out from the clouds and also an old boat is sailing through the sky... The backround ends with a sun coming out meaning the night during the song is over.

12. F.Y.R.O.M
Song : Nesto sto ke ostane
Artist: Next Time
It's time for Formal Yougoslavic Republic of Macedonia to rehearse! NEXT TIME are on stage with their band which contains a drummer and three guitarists. As far as the vocal part they are good. The stage is covered by blue, green and red lights. The performance of the singers is just like the national final of the country. It's not too good not too bad. Hard to know if it's going to make it to the final or not...

14. Romania
Song : The Balkan Girls
Artist : Elena Gheorghe
6 people are on stage during the Romanian performance : the lead singer (Elena Gheorghe), a female singer as backing vocalists and 4 female dancers. Elena sings very good and she dances well at the same time but the stage seems so empty... like something is still missing. The backround show an empty tree which starts slowly to bloom...

15. Finland
Song : Lose control
Artist : Waldo's People
Due to the Eurovision rules which want 6 people the most on stage during the live performance of each country, the band "Waldo's People" changes a bit. So, on stage there are the main singers Karoliina Kallio and Waldo who are joined by two female backing vocalists and two male dancers who play with real flames just like in the circus! As fas as the vocal part, they were both by far better than the performance of the Finish National Final but they still need to rehearse more. The screens in the backround show a croweded city by night and many white lights are lighting around the stage!

16. Portugal
Song: Todas as ruas de amor
Artist: Flor-De-Lis
The band is on stage with the main singer (Daniela Varel) showing strongly her vocal abilities! There is no special choreography but this is not a problem as each member of the band has its own role in music. The stage is beautiful as it is decorated with a big raining bow at the beggining and some cute clouds and flowers are being shown by the screens making everyone feel like being in a huge field. Many people and fans hope that this nostalgic and beautiful song can make it to the final...

17. Malta
Song : What if we?
Artist : Chiara
Time for one of the biggest Eurovision stars to be on stage for her rehearsal. Time for Malta and Chiara, who, once more, is on her own on the stage. No reason to talk about the vocal part as she is really known for her incredible voice. The backround of the stage shows the bottom of an ocean and some archeological monuments. People talk about the worst entry of Chiara, always comparing to the other two (The one that I love - 1998 / Angel - 2005) but they really love her as she is really cute...

18. Bosnia-Herzegovina
Song : Bistra voda

Artist : Regina
It's the last country of the Semi Final 1 and the last to rehearse today. Regina are on stage giving a great performance on a very beautiful,balkan ballad. Red and white lights are decorating the stage. The band is accompanied by two female dancers who are actually drummers. The highlight of the performance is when all the members gather together flying red flags.

The rehearsal of Bosnia-Herzegovina completes the second day of the rehearsals. Stay tuned at "Krik! Music Corner" for the Eurovision 2009 Corner : Part 3. The 9 first countries of the 2nd Semi Final will rehearse tomorrow May 5th 2009...

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