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Eurovision 2009 Corner : Part 5

By Krikor K.

Almost all the countries from the two semi finals have completed the second round of their rehearsals. Lithuania, Moldova, Albania, Ukraine, Estonia and Netherlands which take part in the 2nd Semi Final haven't done their 2nd rehearsal yet... The rehearsals for the Semis ended today after the Greek 2nd rehearsal. Lithuania will be the first country to rehease tomorrow and Moldova, Albania, Ukraine, Estonia and Netherlands will follow.

Today, it's also the rehearsal day of France, Russia, Germany, UK and Spain which will take place at the Fin

03. France
Song : Et S'il Fallait Le Faire
Artist : Patricia Kaas
Patricia is on stage to rehearse
for the 1st time. The stage is all in red making a great romantic and erotic atmosphaire. Parts of the lyrics of the song are being shown from the LED screens. In the middle of the screens, at the back, there is a huge silver "K", obviously it's the first letter from the singer's last name, Kaas. Patricia is wearing a simple black outfit. The atmosphaire inside the arena is amazing as they all cheer for Kaas and her magnificent performace. No reason to talk about the vocal part : the woman is a myth!

10. Russia

Song : Mamo
Artist : Anastasiya Prihodko
It's the time for the host country, Russia, to make its debut rehearsal. Singer Anastasiya is on stage. Green,
pal pink and white lights are decorating the beautiful stage of Eurovision Song Contest 2009. The singer is simply dressed with black top and trousers as the 1st rehearsal is only for the vocal part! Anastasiya is very good on singing as she has very clear voice. She is joined by 5 singers as backing vocalists who also are very good. Behind the singer, who is not moving, there is a huge portrait of herself in black backround. Her face on the portrait is sad and pained as the song talks about the difficult part of loving someone.

17. Germany
Song : Miss Kiss Kiss Bang
Artist : Oscar Loya

The stage becomes a small club of Las Vegas for the German entry "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang" and Oscar Loya gives a special performance for it! Dressed in white costume and black trousers, Oscar can both sing and dance very well and everyone is impressed by
his performance. On stage with him is the composer of the song, Alex Kristensen. Alex also has 3 female dancers dancing around him. It's not bad at all...

23. United Kingdom

Song : It's my time
Artist : Jade Ewen

Jade Ewen is on stage to make her rehearsal. She is wearing a pair of jeans and a grey/silver shining top. Her voice is magnificent and the whole performance is really good. There is a white piano on stage... Maybe the rumors that Andrew Lloyd Webber would be on stage with her come true! Jade is on the top of some stairs from where she starts singing her entry and she ends on the other side of the stage. With her there are 4 male musicians playing violin... Two of them dressed in white costumes and the other two in black! Rumors say that Jade's gown will be in white colour. Seems like both juries and viewrs will vote for her...

25. Spain
Song : La noche es para mi
Artist : Soraya Arnelas
Soraya is about to do her first rehearsal in Moscow on "La noche es para mi". The intro of the song has been changed a bit... Similar to the Uk entry, Soraya and her dancers are siting in some stairs before the dancing part. Soraya wears a beautiful, hot dress but it's not sure if it's gonna be her final one. She's good in both singing and dancing. The performance is very impressive. The stage is bathed basicly in red colour! Highlight : The final note of Soraya as the end of the song!!! Very good performance!


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