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Eurovision 2009 Corner : The welcome party!

By Krikor K.

Sunday May 10th 2009 : the day for the official opening ceremony for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest!

All the artists of this year's Eurovision gathered together to celebrate the opening of the Contest. A very glamorous gala, organised by Channel One Russia, took place in the Eurodom! Hosts of the beautiful evening were Alsou and Andre Malakov. Alsou will present the Grand Final alongside Ivan Urgant while Andre Malakov is the presenter of the two Semi Finals with the famous Russian model Natalia Vodyanova.

Many Eurovision stars of the past were there to perform and have fun :
. Carola - Swedish entries on 1983 (3rd), 1991 (winner) and 2006 (5th)
. Dana International - Israel's entry on 1998 (winner) and composer of the Israeli entry on 2008
. Lys Assia - Switzerland's entries on 1956 (winner / first Eurovision winner ever!), 1957 (8th) and 1958 (2nd)
. Philip Kirkorov - Russian entry on 1995 (17th) and composer of Belarus 2007 (4th) and Ukraine 2008 (2nd)
. Ruslana - Ukrainian entry on 2004 (winner)
. t.A.T.u. - Russian entry on 2003 (3rd)
. Dschinghis Khan - Germany entry on 1979 (4th)
. Teach-in - Netherland's entry on 1975 (winner)
. Marija Ĺ erifovic - Serbian entry on 2007 (winner)
. Dima Bilan - Russian entry on 2006 (2nd) and 2008 (winner)

The artists had a lot of fun and they all felt ready for the big days of the contest.
The first Semi Final will take place tomorrow, Tuesday May 12th 2009, the second one on Thursday May 14th 2009 and the Grand Final is planned to be on air on Saturday May 16th 2009...

Check out the videos from the wonderful gala :

Part 01.

Part 02.

Part 03.


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