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Eurovision 2009 : The Grand Final

By Krikor K.
Saturday May 16th 2009 : the day of the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009...

The even took place inside Olympic Indoor Arena and hosts were Alsou and Ivan Urgant who were excellent presenters! The show opened with Terem Quartet and Cirque du Soleil and then Dima Bilan who performed "Believe" which won the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 and brought the contest in Russia.

First country to perform was Lithuania...

01. Lithuania
Song : Love
Artist : Sasha Son
Sasha Son opened the big final with his ballad "Love". Sasha was playing the piano and performing his entry joined by three backing vocalists. The performance is just like the one from the Semi Final and the same fire came out from his hand at the end of the song! Lithuania ended 23rd collecting 23 points!

02. Israel
Song : There must be another way
Artist : Noa & Mira Awad
Both singers were seemed to be more confident than in the Semi Final night. They have both changed their hairstyle and the performance was strong enough! Israel ended 16th with 53 points...

03. France
Song : Et s'il fallait le faire
Artist : Patricia Kaas
The stadium couldn't stop screaming for Patricia who was on stage ready to perform her entry. "Et s'il fallait le faire" is one of the bookmarks' favourite to win the contest and Patricia is doing a great stage performance which moves everyone... Finally, the song voted by 107 points which gave to the country just the 8th place...

04. Sweden
Song : La voix
Artist : Malena Ernman
It's one of the fans' favourite songs and that's why everyone claps. Malena was better in the Semi Final as far as the vocal part but still she was amazing on stage... Though the song placed 21st collecting just 33 points...

05. Croatia
Song : Lijepa Tena
Artist : Igor Cukrov ft. Andrea
Singer Igor is on stage joined by the female dancers who also do the backing vocals. Air machine is used during all the song which gives another option to the entry... Andrea is on stage by the middle of the song and by the time she starts singing makes everyone pay attention to her...18th place and 45 points for Croatia...

06. Portugal
Song : Todas as ruas de amor
Artist : Flor-de-Lis
The band is really happy being in the Final and the cute song makes the stage and the atmosphere even more beautiful. The amazing graphics via the LED screens give another joy to the contest and people seem to enjoy the entry. Flor-de-Lis are really good both in singing and in performing...They ended with 57 points which gave them the 15th place.

07. Iceland
Song : Is it true?
Artist : Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir
The big surprise of the contest! Many people compared the "story" of Jóhanna to Shiri Maimon's story (Israel 2005) : A very beautiful ballad with a very beautiful singer but noone could imagine the high place which could reach at the end! Jóhanna made an excellent performance on stage, dressed just like in the semi final night, in blue. Jóhanna was joined by her backing vocals which did their best to make Iceland proud - and I think they did! 2nd place for Iceland with 218 points!!

08. Greece
Song : This is our night
Artist : Sakis Rouvas
Alongside Norway, Greece was for one more year the bookmarkers' favorite to win the contest. With Sakis Rouvas as the lead singers many Greeks believed that the 2nd victory could come. Things changed after Sakis' performance in the Final as everyone admited that he was not good enough for a victory... Dressed in white and joined by Alex Panayi as backing singer and 4 dancers/singers Sakis danced a lot and performed "This is our night". It was crystal clear that he was anxious something which helped for the 120 points and the (dissapointing) 7th place...

09. Armenia
Song : Nor Bar [Jan-Jan]
Artist : Inga & Anush Arshakyan
The two sisters, who managed to make many friends in Moscow due to their sweetness, did it very well in the contest. Much better than the Semi Final night, Inga & Anush performed the traditional Armenian song and finished 10th with 92 points making the Armenians all around the world proud!

10. Russia
Song : Mamo
Artist : Anastasiya Prihodko
It's time for the host country to be on stage and people can't stop clapping their hands. Anastasiya is on stage dressed in white using the sad face which gives the perfect note to the song. A huge screen behind her shows her face which is getting older and older minute by minute... It's a good song in Russian and Ukrainian with traditional Russian music sample. 11th place and 91 points...

11. Azerbaijan
Song : Always
Artist : AySel ft. Arash
The Azeri people should be proud of accepting "using" Arash in their entry, as his poplularity helped the country to be on top3! Both AySel and Arash were excellent on stage and showed that they worked really hard for it. The song is one of the favorites of all and it's going to be a huge summer hit around Europe! Azerbaijan ended 3rd having collected 207 points...

12. Bosnia&Herzegovina
Song : Bistra Voda
Artist : "Bistra Voda" from Bosnia&Herzegovina had many fans as it was the one and only balkan ballad in the contest. Regina didn't did something different than the Semi Final's performance and they ended 9th with 106 points no matter everyone believed that the song could reach the top3...

13. Moldova
Song : Hora din Moldova
Artist : Nelly Ciobanu
An excellent ethnic song by Moldova which managed to make everyone pay attention to it! Nelly was amazing on stage both in singing and in performing the song "Hora din Moldova". The 14th place with 68 points are really few for it...

14. Malta
Song : What if we?
Artist : Chiara
It's the biggest surprise ever : Chiara, the amazing woman from Malta, with the sweet heart and the crystal voice who has earned the 3rd and the 2nd place in previews contests now ends 22nd with 31 points!! No matter her magical voice, Chiara was very anxious on stage and that costs her the low position...

15. Estonia
Song : Raendajad
Artist : Urban Symphony
A very beautiful entry by Estonia who finally sent a good song after many years of bad entries! Urban Symphony were on stage dressed in black and playing the violin and the celo while Sandra Nurmsalu was singing the song in estonian... The country ended 6th with 129 points!

16. Denmark
Song : Believe Again
Artist : Brinck Niels
One of the best ballads in the contest ever managed to collect 74 points and the 13th place which is really low... Brinck was amazing on stage performing "Believe again" which has composed the famous Irish singer Ronan Keating! For sure it deserved many more points and of course a higher place...

17. Germany
Song : Miss Kiss Kiss Bang
Artist : Alex Swings Oscar Sings
The song earned many more fans after its stage performance! Oscar managed to turn the Russian stage to a club of Las Vegas by his performance and everyone had fan due to the good rhythm of the song. As a hightlight, finally on stage the very famous burlesque
artist, model and actress Dita Von Teese did the sexy dance after turning to half naked! Germany ended 20th with 35 points...

18. Turkey
Song : Dum Tek Tek
Artist : Hadise
She was better than the Semi Final for sure, but still Hadise was not perfect at all. Though the song is very catchy and it's going to be a huge hit. Hadise ended 4th with 177 points...

19. Albania
Song : Carry me in your dreams
Artist : Kejsi Tola
A very good copy of "Secret Combination"'s performace (Greece 2008) Kejsi at least was doing something and not standing like a statue as she was in the Albanian national final! She was very good in the singing part and by the dancing she showed that she worked hard! With the long blond hair and the cute pink dress Kejsi reminds of the Barbie doll!! The song came 17th with 48 points...

20. Norway
Song : Fairytale
Artist : Alexander Rybak
He's the winner of the contest making his country Norway winner for the 3rd time in the history of the contest. To be honest Alexander was so much sure for his victory something which made him behave badly in Moscow... No matter that, the song was good and managed to collect 387 points (!!!!) and be the winner! It is the highest score for a winner in the contest and it had 169 points difference from Iceland who came 2nd!!!!

21. Ukraine
Song : Be my Valentine
Artist : Svetlana Loboda
The sexiest singer of the contest ever is on stage performing the cathy song "Be my Valentine"! Sexy dress, hot moves, smokes, drums, Ukrainian flags and three male dancers dressed as ancient Greek soldiers were on stage to complete the Ukrainian entry for the 2009 contest which finally got 76 points and the very low 12th place...

22. Romania
Song : The Balkan Girls
Artist : Elena Gherorge
The Balkan girls they like to party like nobody and that was obvious by the 6 girls of the Romanian delegation who did their best to make Romania proud! The very beautiful singer, Elena, sang the song very well but it finally ended 19th with 40 points...

23. United Kingdom
Song : It's my time
Artist : Jade Ewen
Jade is on stage making everyone watch her by her amazing voice... It could easily win but it finally ended 5th with 173 points. Very good score for the Uk which is scoring low in the last 5 years... The rumors came true and Sir Andrew Lloyed Webber, who composed the song, was on stage playing the piano... Smokes and violin players helped the song to be even more perfect on stage...

24. Finland
Song : Lose control
Artist : Waldo's people
Finland is doing very well in the contest after Lordi's victory back in 2006 and every year is in the final, no matter that it is not scoring high there!! A very good pop/dance song by Waldo's people, not in hard rock style after 2006, which ended 25th and last with 22 points!

25. Spain
Song : La noche es para mi
Artist : Soraya Arnelas
"La noche es para mi" is the favorite song of all which ended 2nd from the last (24th with 23 points). Soraya was good on stage but the whole performance and the song couldn't make anyone vote for it... Though the song could turn a hit in the clubs around Eurovision and Latin America...

After a strong scoreboard with many surprise in the voting part, Norway wins the contest having collected 387 points!!!! Last year's winner Dima Bilan and the 1st Eurovision winner ever, Lys Assia from Switzerland are on stage to give the trophy to Alexander Rybak who can't hide his joy!

See you all in Oslo, Norway for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest!!!!!!


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