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Eurovision 2009 Corner : Part 4

By Krikor K.

It's the 4th day of the rehearsals in Moscow. The last 10 countries of the 2nd Semi Final are going to make their rehearsals today starting with Slovenia, which will perform on number 10 during the 2nd Semi Final evening...

10. Slovenia
Song : Love Symphony
Artists : Quartissimo ft. Martina Majerle
One of the best backrounds it is set for the Slovenian performance : all stage is covers by black and red colours while notes and violin strings are being shown from the LED screens. The 4 musicians are standing inside golden mirrors around the central one behind of which is hiding the main singer, Martina. The mirrors are planned to be covered by paper during the Semi Final's night but today they were not. Two things changes : Martina starts singing at the 1 minute of the song (at the studio version she starts singing later than the first minute) and the team is not yet sure if the song is going to be sang in English or in Slovenian! Musicians, after their appearance on the stage, are moving around the singer. Martina's voice is clear and totally ok but she doesn't move at all, something which is necessary in such a strong song... Generally it's a great and strong performance...

11. Hungary
Song : Dance with me
Artist : Adok Zoli

Adok is on stage promising for a great dance show as his original occupation is dancer! He needs more work on singing the song "Dance with me" but his movements are great. The backround is in dark colours and there are some white squares and different other shapes. On the ring of the stage there is the title of his entry. Adok is joined on stage by three female dancers and two very good singers as backing vocalists...

12. Azerbaijan

Song : Always
Artist : AySel ft. Arash

Azerbaijan is on stage for its 1st rehearsal. Worldwide famous singer from Iran Arash is one of the singers of the entry. With him on stage is AySel, the young singer who was supposed at first to represent the country on her own! The stage is full of flames and drums via the LED screens. The two singers are on a platform which has many different heights so the two singers can move on them and dance. At the beginning of the song moving their hands to the rhythm of the song and touching each other's hand just before the first chorus. A dancer who is dancing and waving a pink piece of fabric opens the entry while the two singers are singing the first notes... AySel's style on stage reminds a lot of Sirusho who last year represented Armenia! Arash is wearing a costume and a pair of jeans. Three dancers are dancing around the two singers who also do some movements based on the rhythm of "Always"! A male singer is at the back doing the backing singer. Arash and AySel both need some more pratice on the vocal part but generally the whole performance is ok...

13. Greece

Song : This is our night

Artist : Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas is on stage for his first rehearsal. The stage is colourful and neon lights are all over it. In the middle of the stage's ring is written the title of the song with pink neon lights. Sakis and his 4 dancers are walking on a big catwalk platform. A bit before the refrain Sakis is on his own on the platform and at the refrain he is jumbing high and then getting off the platform dancing with his dancers on the stage. Alex Panayi is the backing vocalists who is doing a great job. The choreography is good but Sakis needs more practice on singing. He may be win the contest...

14. Lithuania

Song : Love
Artist : Sasha Son

Sasha is sitting in a piano in the beggining of the song and has three backing vocalist. Sasha is wearing jeans, a whitle t-shirt and a hat which refers to and r'n'b style, though it's not sure what he is going to wear during the Semi Final's evening. Sasha sang in english but neither the language is yet sure, as he may sing the song "Love" in Lithuanian or even Russian. The stage is covered by dark and light blue lights and the backround shows a piano. The whole performance is based on the beautiful melody of the song...

15. Moldova

Song : Hora din Moldova

Artist : Nelly Ciobanu
Nelly Ciobanu is on stage joined by one male singer as backing vocalists and other four male dancers! The stage is all in red colours. The LED screens show some ethnic shapes which reminds the backround of Georgia's entry back at the Eurovision 2007... Nelly is good at the vocal part and the whole performance on stage is very joyful...

16. Albania

Song : Carry me in your dreams

Artist : Kejsi Tola

Much more better than the Albanian National Final, Kejsi Tola is on stage singing her song in english. The stage is colourful but basicly red colour is used more. Kejsi is doing her best to dance during the song (her choreographer is Juliano who also danced with Kalomira last year) and as fas as the vocal part she is very good.

17. Ukraine

Song : Be my Valentine

Artist : Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana is on stage to rehearse her song! It's probably the sexiest moment of this year's contest! There are three metalic wheels on stage, also famous as the "Hell Machine", in which Svetlana is dancing using sexy movements. As fas as the vocal part, Svetland needs a lot of work because she seems to be tired from the dancing. With her there are three half-naked dancers and two female backing vocalists. The stage is full of blue and red lights. Highlight : on the ring of the stage there is Svetlana's photo!! If she finally sing well, she may have many chances to be on top5.

18. Estonia

Song : Raendajad
Artist : Urban Symphony

The stage is all in dark blue and falling stars are being shown via the LED screens. The band's main singer is on her own on stage at the beggining. The rest members are being shown behind of the big screens during the first chorus. There is also smoke on the stage which suits perfectly with the song. The girls are absolutely great as fas as the vocal part. They are not moving that much but this ain't seem to be a problem as the atmosphaire of the song does not need many movements. It is worth to mention that the Estonian entry is high at the bets...

19. The Netherlands
Song : Shine
Artist : De Toppers
De Toppers are on stage wearing black costumes with silver details which make them "shine"! They are also have lights on their hands just like Alenka Gotar (Slovenian entry at the ESC 2007). With them they have three female singers as backing vocalists who are wearing white dresses. The stage is all in blue lightings at the beggining but then there are many colourful lights around it! The three female backing vocalists hold some dj descks pretending to play music and the three members of the band are waving their hands on the rhythm of the song during the chorus!

The Netherlands were the last country to rehearse today...

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