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Eurovision 2009 Corner : part 3

By Krikor K.
It's the 3rd day of the rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 and it's time for the first 9 countries of the 2nd Semi Final to rehearse. Rehearsals start with the Croatian delegation...

01. Croatia

Song : Lijepa Tena
Artist :
Igor Cukrov & Andrea Susnjara
A very atmospheric backround covers the Croatian performance. The screes show a couple dancing tango, some
falling stars and whitle big flowers in a blue sky and Igor Cukrov is on stage joined by Andrea who also sings the song with him and other four backing singers. Igor and Andrea were absolutely great on the vocal part and generally people loved the whole performance. It is believed that Croatia can pass to the Grand Final...

02. Ireland
Song : Et cetera
Artist : Sinead Mulvey ft. Black Daisy
Irish entry is on stage to rehearse for the first time. Sinead Mulvey is joined by the the memebers of Black Daisy. The whole stage is covered by gold colour and yellow and white lights and the screens show thunders! Many fireworks are used as well. Highlight : the ring above the stage show running letters shaping the title of the song sometimes... As fas as the vocal part they are ok but they still need to work harder...

03. Latvia
Song : Probka
Artist : Intars Busulis
Intars is on stage joined by two female singers as backing vocalists, dressed in white dresses and three other musicians. He is wearing a costume, a colourful shirt, a black pair of pants, red shoes and a red tie! The whole stage performance is based on his dancing abilities and his playing with the girls! The backround shows some labels which guide to different cities of Europe.

04. Serbia
Song : Cipela
Artist : Marko Kon & Milan Nikolić
It's a very interesting entry by Serbia who is not sending a classical balkan ballad! Marko Kon and Milan Nikoli
ć are on stage accompanied by three other bald male pantomimes who dance around a beautiful girl. Marko sang with his rough-edged voice and Milan played the accordeon. The LED screens show an accordeon and some early computer games and the lighting is basicly green. Generally both the song and the performance are funny and very entertaining. Serbia will probably be in the Final...

05. Poland
Song : I don't wanna leave

Artist : Lidia Kopania
Lidia is on stage to perform her power ballad "I don't wanna leave". With her on stage there are three backing vocalists and two dancers. The dancers (one boy and one girl) are dancing ballet around the stage and the own singer while the backing vocalists are not moving at all and just standing at the back. The stage's colour is blue, like in most entries...
Highlight : The white and red ribbons which the two dancers use which reminds of the Polish flag...

06. Norway
Song : Fairytale
Artist : Alexander Rybak
This is the bigger favourite to win the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest! Alexander is on stage with his violin dressed up just like at the Norwegian National Final. There are also two female backing vocalists dressed in pink and red gowns and also there are three male Frikar dancers, all dressed in black. The backround on the screens is totally based on the title of the song so they are fairytales being shown... There are also some falling stars and at the end some fireworks!

07. Cyprus
Song : Firefly

Artist : Christina Metaxa
Christina is on stage with three backing vocalists two men and a female. One of the backing singers is her brother Nikolas Metaksas who composed the song. Nikolas is very famous in Greece after finishing 2nd from the X-Factor! All of the members of the Cypriot delegation on stage are dressed in white and Christina is wearing a white shoulderless gown which makes her look even more beautiful...The backround is in dark blue and mint green but suddenly colourful flowers are coming out during the chorus. There are some boxes on stage which at the end of the song are pushed together and Christina is standing on them.

08. Slovakia
Song : Let'mou
Artist : Kamil Mikulcik & Nela Pociskova
Slovakia returns to the contest with a great, atmospheric ballad, all in the native language of Slovakia! Nela is standing on the center of the stage at the beginning, dressed all in white, and she is joined by a piano player and a violincelo player. Kamil is entering the stage by the time he is starting to sing his own part of the song. Both Kamil and Nela are great at the vocal part. Screens show burning candles which suit perfectly on "Let'mou"'s style...

09. Denmark
Song : Believe again
Artist : Brinck Niels
Brinck is on stage with a 4-member-band : a drummer, two guitarists and a bass player. The stage is covered by blue and white colours and the screens show the title of the song "Believe again". Niels is not moving much on stage and seems a little bit nervous something which must change if he wants to go to the Final. Also they have to work hard on the vocal part. The song is one of the best songs for this year...

Denmark complete the list of the counties which are planned to rehearse today! Tomorrow is the 4th day of the rehearsals for the Eurovision 2009... Stay tuned for the "Eurovision 2009 Corner : Part 4"...

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