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Download Rybak's album!!

By Krikor K.

The winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Alexander Rybak, released his debut album under the title "Fairytales". The album contains 9+2 (bonus) songs between them of course major hit "Fairytale" which won the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. The album is released by EMI Universal.

"Fairytales" has a kind of complicated story on its release date! The album has been released on May 29 2009 in Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Turkmenistan and Ukraine, on June 2 2009 in Greece and Cyprus, on June 3 in Sweden, on June 4 in Estonia and it's planned to be released on June 15 in the Uk!

The album is at the #1 of the Norwegian charts so far while the single "Fairytale" is also #1 in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece and Sweden!

So far, there are three main singles :
1. Fairytale
2. Funny Little Word
3. Roll with the wind

Producers of the album are
Kim Edward Bergseth, Henrik Wikström and Amir Aly.

01. Roll with the wind
02. Fairytale
03. Dolphin
04. Kiss and tell
05. Funny little world
06. If you were gone
07. Abandoned
08. 13 horses
09. Song from a Secret Garden
Bonus tracks :
10. 500 miles
11. Vocalise

You can download the album HERE

* using the certain link to download the album you have also the chance to download some extra unofficial bonus tracks apart from the official tracks of the album...
The feautured tracks are :
. Fairytale (DJ Lello Remix)
. No milk today
. Foolin'
. Kypalinka (Live in Belorusian)
. Fairytale (Karaoke version)

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