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New song by D.V. !

By Krikor K.

Despina Vandi, one of the greatest stars of Greece, has now released her new song.

The song is written by Phoebus, who is the composer of all her songs since 1998 and it's called "Iparhi zoi" (=There is life). "Iparhi zoi" is dedicated to a Greek charity company named "To hamogelo tou pediou" (= The kid's smile).
This is a brand new pop song by D.V. who released her last album during 2007...

People in Greece talk for a great comeback and Despina has already planned a special summer tour all around Greece starting from Thessaloniki. With her, during her concerts will be also famous Greek singer Stelios Maksimos, the bands "Goin' Through" and "Nevma" and the Greek raper Thirio...

You can listen to the song below :


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