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Smart Eurovision in Greece!!!!

By Krikor K.

That's a gala!

The students of the foreign languages' school "Start Smart" by Eleni Petropoulou wanted to welcome summer and celebrate the end of this year's school period by presenting on their own way 7 of the 42 songs of this year's Eurovision Song Contest!

The show's name was "Smart Eurovision" and took place on June 13th 2009 in Athens, inside the Close Gym of Drosoupoli (Athens). Special guest of the festival was Mando, who had represented Greece at the Eurovision 2003!

The show had also presenters who presented the songs in English and French!

It is worth to watch the videos because the kids had done a GREAT job...

. Greece

. Azerbaijan

. Turkey

Stay tuned for the videos of Iceland, Albania, Norway and Cyprus!!

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